The quest for romance

The quest for romance

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Aarhus was the scene of a fierce battle for romance many many years ago. Warm emotions, love and romance were prohibited since they were meant to be damaging to the order and hierarchy – and thereby the power of the rulers of the city.

A small group of brave people wouldn't have it, so they formed a secret society called CUPID, which fought for the survival of romance. They made routes throughout the city and archives of these romantic checkpoints were kept secret for the world. Only the group of people who were accepted into this secret society had access and knew the deeper meaning of these places. This tour will have you trace the secret paths of CUPID.

The tasks of the tour follow a simple explore, observe and count-form, which anyone can follow. This tour is first and foremost designed to send you on a nice walk around Aarhus.

Once you purchase, you can download the guide as a PDF and read it on any device. You can download the guide right after purchase, and you will receive a download link in an email as well.

Distance: 5 - 5,5 km
Area: Central Aarhus
Start: In front of the Radisson Hotel, Thomas Jensens Allé, 8000 Aarhus