A Christmas mystery

A Christmas mystery

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“The coffin of Sct. Nicolaus had a wonderful smell, which filled the village and the area around it. The priests at Sct. Clemens, which is now the cathedral of the city, feared this wonderful treasure of Christmas spirit should be stolen. So they locked it in a chest made of led. After that, the wonderful smell of the Christmas spirit slowly disappeared.”

Please help bring back the spirit of Christmas before it's too late.
The tasks of the tour follow a simple explore, observe and count-form, which anyone can follow. This tour is first and foremost designed to give you a reason to take a walk around Aarhus.

Once you purchase, you can download the guide as a PDF and read it on any device. You can download the guide right after purchase, and you will receive a download link in an email as well.

6,5 km
Area: Central Aarhus
Start: The Cathedral of Aarhus