Alternativetourguides.com seeks to develop experiences offering alternatives to the traditional experiences and sights listed in the guidebooks. An alternative experience for your vacation in Denmark – for the entire family.

An ocean of great stories floods the world between the classical sights. These stories are often forgotten because they are not told, but the truth is that they have a potential to be turned in to enriching experiences for a lot of people - tourists as well as locals. If told right these stories can provide memorable experiences for people; groups and families.

The basic idea of alternativetourguides.com is to provide a different introduction to a new – or familiar – city by guiding the users to areas that they might not have fund on their own or by consulting the standard guide book.

The tours are simple PDF-files to be used on any device. They offer adventures on the users’ terms – with focus on content and not on development of new technology. 

Simply buy, download and go!
I hope you will have some fun out there.

All the best
Lasse, Chief Adventure Officer